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Before we get to Saxena, let’s begin by stating the obvious: blackmail is usually done with the truth. Truth is the entire leverage of blackmail and extortion, and is what makes it so attractive to defectors and internal politics of all kinds. If something is a lie, and can be proven as one, it is much harder to make your victim pay up or obey your wishes. The exception is false rape cases, because the truth is so difficult to prove and people will tend to believe the woman. There, finding out whether a case is truth vs false can be extremely difficult. This is so with Aarthi Rao, too. However, a piece of media very rarely fits into this exception.

So usually, when examining any case of blackmail, the actual piece of info or media being used to blackmail is usually true, and not the matter of discussion. It is usually about the blackmailer and the victim.

Yet, in the case of Nithyananda, this obvious fact seems to be forgotten when dealing with Saxena’s non-existent “confession” about Sun TV using “morphed” video to extort cash.

For those who understand tamil, the video is on the right. The Tamil used is very simple, and if you were to do a side-by-side comparison of the ashram’s translation and the one you can do yourself, you’ll see, once again, the Ashram’s frankly impressive ability to twist anything to suit itself.

The gist of what he says is: they have a network of people all over TN. They go out there and take footage of things happening. For instance, they go to a factory and take footage of waste being dumped or bad sewage management, then some footage of people affected by it. They may take each out of context. They then threaten the factory with exposure on their channel unless paid. They run this racket just for money, they don’t really care about what they capture.

When he mentions nithyananda, he does not say it is morphed. He does not offer evidence of how and why he knows it was extortion. He simply states that it was blackmail, does not admit to being involved in any such thing, and never comments on whether the video is real or fake.

Funnily enough, what he says in a separate interview about Nithyananda’s specific case only further implies that the sex tape is 100% real. In fact, the excerpt we quote below is taken from the nithyananda site itself, who in their mind-boggling levels of cognitive dissonance or malintent, have presented it as a “confession”.


Interview given by Saxena:

When I had been to Dubai for the holidays, there was a CD that had come addressed to the manager. My assistant Jyotheeswaran has put the CD and seen it. He did not know who the people in the CD were. He has shown that CD to the Manager Kannan. 

He knew that the person in the CD was Ranjitha. But he did not know who the man was. Kannan spoke to me on cell phone and communicated to me that a CD like this has come. I did not pay attention to it.

That CD has reached Sun TV News Editor Raja. He has shown it to Kalanithi and told him that the people involved are Nithyananda and Ranjitha  and said that , ‘We will tear them apart’ by putting in on the TV.

Kalanithi had told him to release it after making sure it was genuine. Raja showed the CD to Srinivasan, who had done the graphics for the film ‘Yenthiran’ and asked him to give it in writing that the CD was genuine. Srinivasan has refused to give it.

In my life I have not even seen Nithyananda. But they correlated this matter with me and got me caught.”

—end of excerpt—

Here’s a screenshot in case they remove it from their site. Please also go through the rest of their article, and examine for yourself what they present as a “confession that the “video was morphed”.


This actually corroborates Lenin’s story perfectly.

Now examine the three-page affidavit the sangha presents as Saxena’s official “confession” on the Nithyananda-owned news site hinduismnow:

Nowhere in this affidavit is the Nithyananda video directly addressed as fake. Every reference to the video, including the highlight done by the them, is completely devoid of a confession of morphing. If the video was really fake and morphed by Sun TV, there is every reason it should be mentioned in no uncertain terms, considering the plaintiff is the Life Bliss Foundation and the case is against Sun TV for the same issue. Yet, there is no confession here either. Just a re-iteration of the same old point about his former friends and colleagues (and now adversaries, one should note). It underlines to us, once again, that they received a real video, and at most, used it to attempt blackmail. 

This simple conclusion explains everything, including the alleged “proof” on the ashram sites, as well Kalyan Raman’s incoherent and bombastic performance as a quadruple agent (if the audio/transcripts are real), far more cohesively than the ashram version. To add insult to injury, that hinduismnow article like many devotees before them attempt to form an equivalence between the Sri Jayendra Saraswati case with Nithyananda’s case. The rank dishonesty and insult of this tactic will be addressed in a future post.

So, if you really want to entertain a conspiracy theory, there is only one that this clear testimony allows: that Lenin and Arathi may have been a partners-in-crime with Nithyananda, whose relationship with him later soured, rather than the do-gooder whistleblowers they’re portraying themselves as.

The actual likely reason is that Lenin and Aarthi made several bad decisions due to not understanding the internet, the legal options or whom to trust with the videos. Most people not born in the current age would behave the same way!

Regardless, as of right now, Lenin’s story is independantly corroborated every step of the way, including by the above “confession”. Whereas the ashram’s explanation requires the kind of suspension of disbelief and love for pointless intrigue and conspiracy expected for watching House of Cards.