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This is a guest post by an anonymous guest author. The views and opinions presented in this are not necessarily representative of our own.
However, we felt it presents a vital way of looking at things no matter which side of the issue you favour.


What if each of us is seeing different portions of the truth, but we’re all pawns in the games of those with the power to confuse us and keep us divided? What if we ignored the wheels within wheels and focused on the essentials? 

Let’s make some assumptions for the sake of this argument.

Nithyananda devotees, let’s assume you’re right.
Let’s assume Aarthi is an opportunistic criminal, Lenin a fake whistleblower, Vinay a molester, the media corrupt and immoral, and Kalyan Raman and his ilk some kind of puppeteers. There is conspiracy, there is extortion, and there are vested interests.

Yet there are several pieces of the truth that this site is undeniably right about, which you will admit to wondering if you’ve cared to read this site with a clear mind. And there are several pieces we think you might be right about, which we have concluded too because we have also analyzed inconsistencies, read your site with a clear mind (and we’re fully aware of the state of media in this country) and also because we  are ex-devotees and card-carrying hindus ourselves, we have enough life experience to know how India works and we share the same concerns about Hinduism.

So instead of fighting each other, what if we pooled together our information?

What happens when we put all our differing views together
is that it reveals a new possible truth: the ashram is a cesspool at the inner circle, and has attracted and continues to attract some really terrible, messed-up people and also powerful individuals looking for opportunities to cash in on. What if this not good vs bad, but bad vs bad? And we’ve been roped in as pawns for conflicting interests, based on our emotions, views and dispositions?

If you’ve been a part of this ashram for a while, you have likely met many senior members and veteran devotees who are mean, disturbed and clearly have more incompletions than you do! Do you really think it is “for your enlightenment”? 

Notice how forceful they are at insisting you don’t read, watch or listen to those outside the sangha that ask questions? Some of you have seen ashramites  mistreated or ostracized for asking questions. Why do Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda, Nithya Mahayogananda and Ma Jnatamananda Swami fear giving answers so much? Why are devotees pitted against each other in numerous small instances- it may be passed off as a joke or as leadership, but does it feel right to you?

On the other hand you have also seen attacks and mobs from outsides and unknown intentions, and you’ve wondered who sent them. Think. Who stands to gain most from innocent devotees being attacked? Only two groups: 1) vested interests, whose behaviour and intentions I don’t need to tell you anything about. And 2) Nithyananda himself and his inner circle, who use it every single to play victim and push all you devotees to feel the same way (while conveniently never being present during the event and under any real physical risk)

All the positivity you devotees see at the ashram is coming from yourselves and your friends’ own hard work, dedication and positive attitude. You have turned a toxic place into something beautiful, but you would see the red flags have stayed raised high if you take a step back and look.

There is no fate worse than being a slave for life. 

No matter what happens or what is found, who is good or bad, or what the various interacting interests are- what always remains is that the video is real. It did not require expert analysis in the first place because no video has ever been more obviously real. Nithyananda has lied to you, the ashram news department is constantly putting out misleading info and phrasing much like the media they (sometimes rightly) criticize, and both continue to use you to spread lies built upon lies.

Let us not play their game anymore. Let’s make it our game.
Let’s stop them dividing truth seekers from truth and each other.
Dharma eva hato hanti, Dharmo rakshati rakshitah.