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2017 CID Assessment of Nithyananda-Ranjitha Sex Romp SLEAZE Video

Note: Though anyone with an iota of intellectual honesty and an interest in truth and evidence can see that the video is real, we are certainly of the opinion that airing of the video by Sun TV without blurring Ranjitha’s  face was a low and criminal violation of privacy. Dharmananda is similarly at fault if he provided the raw tape to the media, an ill-advised action regardless of his understandable disillusionment. We support an appropriate punishment towards both for it, once proven in a court of law. However, it has become clear to us over time and from several sources that it was not Dharmananda or Aarthi who released those sections of the tape, but someone else along the chain. We will not speculate further on this point.  

Regardless, to reiterate, there is nothing wrong with consensual intercourse of any kind. It is Nithyananda’s lies that need exposing, so, beyond the details necessary to do that, we see no need to involve the actual identity of any of his devotees, who are all brainwashed to think of him as god, and all their actions come from that space. While we started out quite sympathetic to Ranjitha’s plight for those reasons, we have been much less impressed by her subsequent actions, which include retaliatory cases for rape and extortion against Lenin, made much after the fact and blatantly exploitative of India’s biased laws. Our respect for her is now as low as for Nithyananda himself. 

Releases by India Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) unit have confirmed that the contentious Nithyananda sex tape is authentic. That is the CID has conclusively and repeatedly determined that the persons the two persons in the video engaged in sexual activity are indeed Nithyananda and Ranjitha. Simply the persons bodies or faces in that sleaze video were not morphed onto another actor or actress. This will prove extremely problematic for Nithyananda with the future criminal trials where he has been charged with rape and has used impotency as a defence. The outcome of a future Supreme Court hearing in December 2017 will likely result in these criminal court trials in the HIgh Court resuming soon. The authenticity of the sex sleaze video also brings into disrepute most of the 31 counter criminal law suites Nithyananda and his goons initiated against the primary witnesses in the rape case against him.


The actions of Nithyananda in that video can hardly be mistaken for anything else other than the activities he is accused of. Similarly the same is true for Ranjitha. Even if (and the evidence proves the videos to not be morphed), but even if they were two separate videos, one of Ranjitha and one of Nithyananda morphed together, it would actually pose a greater problem as it would show Nithyananda also engaging in sexual intercourse with someone hitherto unknown and Ranjitha engaging in sexual activities with someone else unknown. It is however, nothing short of a ridiculous proposition that anyone would go to such lengths to morph such two scenes together when there would already be a clear video of Nithyananda engaging in licentious activities. Thus the accusations of Nithyananda followers about morphing are unfounded. What else did they say:

Nithyananda-Ranjitha Sex Sleaze Romp Video Snapshots

 Nithyananda Followers Statements

Over the last 7 years, the followers of Nithyananda have gone to great lengths to attempt to discredit the video that surfaced in 2010 and has been a source of contention in civil and criminal law cases and public unrest in India against Nithyananda and his followers. Nithyananda himself has given very conflicting information from ‘its not me in the video’, to ‘I couldn’t know if it was me as I was in trance at that time’ and even incredulously alleged private verbal admissions that it was him in the tapes (the conversations are available on the net if you search). Those defenders of Nithyananda that are proponents of the video being fake have maintained that the video consists of morphed images and does not contain Nithyananda or Ranjitha. Ranjitha has directly denied that it is her in the videos. However, while those Nithyananda defenders are maintaining that the video is morphed, they have not provided anything of substance as to exactly what is morphed.

They are unable to declare what part(s) they determine as morphed and what not. Such vague generalities are hardly worthy of “evidence”.

Actually, such generalities are frequently used by those without evidence. Why? Simple, the less actual information one gives, the harder it is to disprove what the person is saying. This in itself is a massive red flag that one needs not automatically accept what they are are saying.

Life Bliss Foundation did pay a forensic investigator in the US by the name of Edward Joe Primeau to analyse a video provided by them. His report relates to that video and even he states that it is impossible for him to determine authenticity or otherwise without having the original video file and recording equipment, which he acknowledges he does not. A more detailed analysis of this report can be found at Did a US expert say the Nithyananda – Ranjitha sleaze sex video was morphed? However, the CID and FSL have had access to the originals and have made several reports.

2017 India Police CID FSL confirms Nithyananda Sleaze Video is Authentic

NEWS9 Facebook 2017 Sleaze Video Genuine According to Nakeeran TV, CID have performed another assessment of the video evidence prior to the December 5th 2017 Supreme Court date for case STATE OF KARNATAKA versus GOPAL SHEELUP REDDY also known as NITHYA BHAKTANANDA. It seems this was a leak and if correct, the new documentation will be available to the CID and prosecutor in the criminal cases against Nithyananda and his fellow charged criminals. The updated confirmation was also reported on the exposing Nithyananda site Sex Swami Nithyanandas Video is Genuine (nithyananda-cult dot blogspot dot com/2017/11/sex-swami-nithyanandas-video-is-genuine.html) where it was stated:

Today, the Delhi Forensic Science Lab (FSL) has announced the authenticity to videos that made Nithyananda Swami and actress Ranjitha Menon an international sleaze sensation. Confirmed. The sex videos are authentic. Confirmed. That is Nithyananda in the video. Confirmed. That is Ranjitha Menon, a.k.a. Nithyananda Moyi, in the video.

And this was also reported by NEWS9 via facebook stating:

TROUBLE FOR SELF-STYLED GODMAN NITHYANANDA Delhi Forensic Science lab (FSL) reports reveal that Nithyananda sleaze video is genuine. FSL report is the main evidence in Nithyananda sex scandal. Sleaze CD was sent to Delhi FSL to check its authenticity. Additional commissioner Charan Reddy led team had submitted the report in Nithyananda case.

However, NEWS9 did not clarify their article properly, so it is entirely likely they’re speaking about one of the older reports saying the same thing. Regadless, if there was truly a reconfirmation, it is not surprising that their findings are that the video is genuine as they had previously confirmed this in 2011. Perhaps they felt the need for another report due to the strawman statements made by debunked US “expert” you can read about here: Did a US expert say the Nithyananda – Ranjitha sleaze sex video was morphed? 

2011 India Police CID confirms Nithyananda Sleaze Video is Authentic

As reported in January 2011 article Ranjitha was in Swami Nithyananda’s sex video: CID on NDTV,

“Ranjitha had claimed that she was not the woman in the video, but the CID, after comparing her photograph and the video with the help of the Forensic Science Lab (FSL) came to the conclusion that she was indeed in the video clip.”

At a press conference on Friday, Ranjitha said,

“It is fabricated. I am not the person in it. In fact, at that time, I was in a room that I was sharing with another female devotee in the Dhyanapeetham ashram. I blame myself for this. It has affected my career though some people still have faith in me.”

Reacting to Ranjitha’s claim, a CID official reiterated that both Nithyananda and Ranjitha’s images were sent separately to the FSL labs and both labs have confirmed that it’s genuine. “Anyone with a doubt can get it confirmed from anywhere else in the world.” The article went on to confirm the results from the Forensic Science Lab (FSL) when it said

“FSL experts, who tallied the video images with the photographs have confirmed that the images are genuine and are neither morphed nor any body double has been used, as claimed by Ranjitha earlier”, sources in the CID said.

Ranjitha also allegedly went on to claim rape and extortion allegations against witness for the prosecution, Lenin, however, she did not do this until 6 months after she was deposed before the CID officials in Chennai. That she did not mention anything in June 2010 raises significant suspicions against her allegations truthfulness.

 2014 Lab tests once again confirm that Nithyananda claims of impotency are false

Nithyananda and his followers have frequently claimed that he could not have had sex or raped anyone as he has the testosterone level of a 6 year old boy and is thus impotent.

He has been evasive about the actual term “impotent”, however, nonetheless, his claim rests on his testosterone levels being as low as claimed. Nithyananda had a lab give results of low testosterone, however, anyone with a modicum of medical knowledge knows that his mans voice and facial hair, as well as other notable physiology, are dependant on testosterone. And that it is not difficult to bribe whatever results you want from many labs in India.

In 2014 this low testosterone was conclusively proved to be false due to the growth of his organs and voice. Any person with critical thinking ability realising he now has a beard would have to acknowledge that a person with the testosterone of a 6 year old boy could not have a beard. Trouble is likely ahead for Nithyananda with the Supreme Court trial in December 2017 that is likely to result in the High Court soon after being able to resume criminal court proceedings against him and his fellow charged criminals. 


 Another thing that is commonly heard from devotees, no doubt picked up by the PR team and devotees without context from what was said by one of the four experts themselves,  is that Nithyananda keeps looking at the TV set while receiving oral sex and this makes no sense in an authentic tape. 

I guess this is another case of “repeat a lie long enough and it becomes the truth?” In the full tape, not only does he keep looking at her when he is receiving oral sex he also reacts and interacts with her. And this happens not only during that video instance, but all the other instances of sexual contact.  

In that particular instance, he does however keep switching between looking at her and the TV. Do you think even that is unnatural behavior?

If you do, all we can say to that is that anyone who says this must be dangerously unaware of how narcissists and megalomaniacs deal with their sexual and romantic partners. It is not in the scope of this website to detail and explain what sexual “power trips” look like. But there is a wealth of information online about all the ways men in power behave when a person is devoted to pleasing them. 

 Treating them as objects is its most basic and common form. He could have simply also not been in the mood! Does one need to explain such trivialities to adults? 

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Nithyananda Sex Sleaze Video Proven Authentic

Notable forensic experts including the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL/FSL) of India have analysed the original sex sleaze videos featuring Nithyananda and Ranjitha and determined that those two are indeed the people in the videos. Despite denials from Ranjitha that the entire video is fake and Nithyananda saying he was in trance at the time.


Paramahamsa Nithyananda Supreme Court Hearing 5th – 7th December 2017

Looming Supreme Court hearing related to the Nithyananda Criminal Cases is to be held on 5th (now 7th) Dec 2017. The outcome of this will enable the criminal trials in the High Court to proceed.


Did a US expert say the Nithyananda – Ranjitha sex tape was morphed?

The sex sleaze video of Nithyananda and Ranjitha has been proven authentic and the two people in the video confirmed as Nithyananda and Ranjitha. The comments by the so called US forensic expert Mr Edward Joe Primeau are self debunked by Mr Primeau and completely discredited by the most renowned Indian forensic expert Prof Dr P Chandra Sekharan.
(Nithyananda & Ranjitha sex sleaze video proven authentic by FSL & CID. Morphed analysis by Mr Edward Joe Primeau discredited by Prof Dr P Chandra Sekharan)