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Nithyananda Medical Reports – Not Impotent, has Diabetes, Most Likely can have Sex

The Indian godman who calls himself ‘Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami’ underwent medical examinations in 2014 which he has had put into the public domain on his websites. We share these here as further proof this self-proclaimed Hindu godman Avatar is lying and deceiving his devotees

Background to Medical Evidence

Nithyananda’s defense for rape FIR charges in 2010 was “impotence”. The godman insisted that rape charges be dropped on that basis. Accordingly, he was ordered to undergo medical tests by prosecution, police, and courts from 2010.

However, Nithyananda refused to comply for 4 years, until this matter reached the highest judicial level within India, the Supreme Court. So in 2014, with nowhere else to go, Nithyananda had to comply.

His resistance did not end there, however. He refused to undergo the most highly regarded test to determine potency, the Intracavernosal Penile Doppler Test With Injection. This is despite his media teams and devotees showing him in in tears in a wheelchair on that day and in subsequent satsangs. At the time all general devotees believed he had been brutalized by receiving such an injection to his penis. The organization has cleverly worded newer releases to include such wording as “tried to force” instead of “forced”.

This website has been observing some of the communications devotees have had and it is very obvious that the senior devotees are extremely evasive around this issue indicating with clarity that they know their information is deliberately designed to mislead devotees.

This picture is of Nithyananda the next day. It seems that not having a penile injection is extremely crippling. Strange how many men that have the injection do not for days need a wheelchair. Let alone ones that do not!



Credit to Original Sources

We have to thank the Facebook page Nithyananda Cult Or Culture for discovering this medical evidence on Nithyananda’s website and making it available. However, more about this can be conveyed which we are therefore doing here.

And we also thank Nithyananda and his devotees for generously but quite stupidly making available his indicting medical records.

“Fair Use” of using Nithyananda’s publicly released Medical Records

Herein we will focus on the newest Nithyananda webpage that covers these medical results that they updated and recreated as a new page on 28th March 2018, ie

We have preserved the full web page as an image along with its full HTML and will make that available should they take the page down. For now, we recommend you confirm the authenticity of the images we have used by using their actual webpage.

The use of this page from their website is used in harmony with copyright exemptions of “Fair Use” using content for another purpose. In this case to expose Nithyananda’s lies and propaganda against whistleblowers, claims of Nithyananda being The Avatar and claims of their guaranteed cures for Diabetes Mellitus.

Medical records are usually protected, however, as we are using records released by the subject, Nithyananda, through his website, it is acceptable use. He has put these into the public domain.

Nithyananda “Taking Metformin ™ for Diabetes Mellitus and Tablet Hydrochlorothiazides for Hypertension both of which may reduce potency.”

It is incredulous that devotees do not notice the ill health of their “all powerful reincarnation of Shiva as the Avatar to enlighten the world at this time”. Visually it is very apparent. Now also it is proven in medical tests from Nithyananda’s own websites and social media content.

One of the most revealing excerpts of the “OPINION” section of Nithyananda’s Medical Report is this one:

He is taking Tablet Metformin for Diabetes Mellitus and Tablet Hydrochlorthiazides for Hypertension both of which may reduce potency.

The image of this report is taken directly from the aforementioned web page of
It is exactly as is from that page and unaltered by us. So the yellow highlighting and red oval are done by Nithyananda devotees.

You can see the way they draw attention away from the things they do not want devotees reading.

Nithyananda has Diabetes YET claims Solutions to Diabetes and Kriyas that he guarantees will cure it

Meanwhile, Nithyananda and his devotees claim to be able to cure diseases and have made specific reference to curing Diabetes numerous times. Here are just two of many examples:


Nithyananda Cult Or Culture have also made a nice album you will see further examples of. We like the way they combined to two contradictions, Nithyananda’s medical report, and the Guaranteed Diabetes Cure.

Do peruse their album at

By now it should be extremely obvious to you that there is a major contradiction between:

  • Nithyananda’s Medical Report Opinion section confirming he is taking tablets:
    • Metformin ™ for Diabetes Mellitus and
    • Hydrochlorothiazides for Hypertension


  • Nithyananda’s Claims of Guaranteed Solutions and Cures for Diabetes

More To Come…

Stay tuned. There is much more to cover regarding these Medical Reports released by godman Nithyananda.