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Nithyananda and his blindly following devotees including former actress Ranjitha, have attempted to quash the use of the sex romp sleaze video of Nithyananda and Ranjitha (video footage confirmed yet again this time in late 2017 by the FSL and CID) by saying it is “hurting their religious sentiments”.

If someone is in a religious cult, any evidence against that cult is of course going to “hurt their religious sentiments”. Despite his claims of millions of followers, Nithyananda has less than 1500 actual devotees. If someone watches a video it doesnt make him a devotee. So there are at most 1500 people in a cult with their “religious sentiments hurt”.

Boo hoo! for those 1500 people. What about the 80% of Indians, some 1 billion people that are having our Hindu religious sentiments hurt by someone who took Sannyasi vows and is now having sex romps with women and allegedly men, using his power and probably mind control conditioning techniques to rape women?

Well Mr Tiru Rajashekaran (Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s real name, as there is no third party evidence substantiating your claim to “Paramahamsa”) YOU ARE HURTING MY RELIGIOUS SENTIMENTS according to Section 144!

You are hurting them by while proclaiming your teachings as the original authentic Hindu teachings you are:

  • Actively indicating that sannyasi vows mean nothing
  • Lying about innumerable items
  • Lying that your birth date is 1st January 1978
  • Lying about your pilgrimage years
  • Lying about your engineering degree and the years you allegedly undertook it
  • Lying about your sexual purity (or rather lack thereof)
  • Lying that you have the testosterone level of a 6 year old boy
  • Lying that you are not a rapist
  • Lying about avoiding legal summons
  • Encouraging your devotees to lie on your behalf
  • Causing people to worship a cowardly lying man as if he was Shiva
  • Stealing teachings from Osho. Yes Nithyananda, we are aware you used to have a group of your followers scouring the books of Osho to obtain teachings you could plagiarise
  • Stealing teachings from Scientology such as the Completion Process (Dianetics) and resolving Incompletions (Engrams)… Yes Nithyananda you even used to use the Scientology term “engrams”. Not only are you a thief, but you are a blatant one
  • Using mind control programming techniques on your followers including sleep deprivation
  • Teaching in opposition to the vedas and upanishads
  • Teaching children in your gurukal to lie and fake supernatural powers
  • Teaching your devotees to avoid any contrary evidence
  • Having your devotees harass anyone that attempts to bring contrary evidence against you, especially in public – alhtough with the supreme court trial in December it was curious that you have had them remove a lot of these hate filled lying comments
  • Having your devotees make false and bogus copyright claims on videos that expose you so they are taken down from YouTube
  • Making false claims against witnesses in court cases against you and against others
  • Having your cultees make false claims against¬†witnesses in court cases against you and against others

So its about time that the sentiments of 80% of India take priority over your little, less than 1500, people cult.