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From: entvutube1
Published on Sep 15, 2014

Dr. Durganna, Medical Superintendent of Victoria Hospital submitted the Medical Test Report of Nithyananda swami to the CID in a sealed cover today. After that, he along with a Forensic Expert doctor gave a press conference addressing all the media. The doctor refused to divulge the results of the potency test, but instead he read out a written statement and also clarified many doubts that have been circulating in the media. The following key points are understood from this press meet:

  1. Doctors did NOT show any blue/pornographic film or use any women for the potency test of Nithyananda. This is a baseless allegation.
  2. All tests were done only with the consent of Nithyananda.
  3. Necessary tests to which Nithyananda gave his consent were only conducted. However, he did NOT give his consent for the ‘Penile Doppler Ultrasound’ with ‘Intra-Cavernous Injection’ Test. So this test was NOT conducted.
  4. All the concerned doctors have signed the test report.
  5. Whatever legal notice doctor has received from Nithyananda, he will reply to it legally.
  6. No audio or video has been recorded during the potency test as it is not permitted.
  7. Rights of Mr. Nithyananda have not been violated in anyway, confirmed the forensic doctor.

The doctor also stated that someone sent him email NOT to conduct potency test on Nithyananda. He said he has not replied to it, because its his duty to do as the govt. directs him to do, not to listen to some stranger about conducting the test or not. The actual results of the potency test are yet to be revealed.

Source:  NEWS9
Published on Sep 8, 2014

After days and days of speculation, controversial god-man Nithyananda finally appeared for the potency test at the Victoria hospital. And the day was indeed dramatic with a lot of events unfolding…