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Anyone from Nithyananda Ashram and no longer a cultee can easily recognise Nithyananda tactics in this video.

Step by Step – How to create a cult

This was from an anonymous comment on a post of the above video on July 1, 2011 on AOLfree WordPress site.

It was written for Art of Living but applies very well to the Nithyananda Cult:

1 – Get a ‘commitment’ from some one to take part in a course – “This is awesome, this will improve your health, I’ve benefited greatly”.

2 – Brand that course as something – ‘personality development’, ‘mangement course’, ‘health sibir’

3 – Give them some knowledge, course points, personality tips, tests, meditations. Promise them their dreams – “We can teach you special stuff to make the world better, let us make the world better”

4 – Give them attention, separate them from each other, surround them with true believers -“Follow up”

5- Surround them, find their week spots,bring in the group ego in them.

6 – Provide a glorified message – “Nothing in this world is more important than the higher cause”

7 – Control their behavior. Describe them a schedule – “Weekly sadhana, seva, satsang”

8 – Restrict their eating habits – “Satvik food, no egg and fish”

9 – Control their emotions

10 – Create some hallucinations, hyperventilation stuff – and then make them feel they are evolving – “Wow, you are evolving. SK will purify you. You experience the energy”

11 – Pour in credibility – “SK is very scientific, lot of research happened”

12 – Make up mysterious stories about the leader – “He has done this, wow. he is amazing. He can talk to Gandharvas, he can talk to Vasishta”

13 – Make them practice meditation – “Your friends and family is dragging you.. focus on master.. focus on master”

14 – Encourage isolation from outside the world – Re write their past as terrible.. “I was not having any awareness before joining, I was having full of ego.. I was a loser.. thanks to the master, now I’m a winner..”

15 – Bring guilt in them – “Lot of people are suffering.. the world out there is full of crisis.. people are dying.. you are not doing anything..”

16 – Block information – make some of them feel special .. make them “apex body members” 😉

17 – Make them feel of a special innate group– “You should come to the ashram”.. “World is mundane..”. Develop the feeling of ‘us’ and ‘them’

18 – If some one is leaving.. make them feel guilty – “You need to sacrifice. You are mentally week, are you dropping the higher cause? Our leader is flawless, his doctrine is flawless. There must be something wrong with you if you leave…”

19 – Suggest them if they leave, they won’t survive – “You can’t survive with out the master.. if you leave you’ll re-incarnate as something else.. you are dropping a life time opportunity.. damn, only after 10000 lives you’ll have a human birth.. still you are leaving???””

20 – Take away everything.. take their families, their bodies, their minds, their money.. make them say “You are my only focus master, I’ve left everything else.. you are my focus…”