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6yo Testosterone Levels – Nithyanandas Rape Defence

As a defense for rape, unnatural sex and sannyasi vow breaking accusations and charges, Nithyananda has used the defense of impotency claiming that it would be impossible for him to engage in any such thing as he has a testosterone level of a six (6) year old boy. If such a testosterone level were true, it would certainly give a strong defense.

However, it is just another false claim according to supreme court ordered tests.

Nithyananda’s body was assessed for various markers including organ development and voice printing. Nithyananda allegedly engaged in all sorts of antics to distort the results of the tests. Antics such as taking substances to alter his voice and trying every trick in the book he could find to avoid the tests. However,, the results have shown that Nithyananda DOES HAVE a NORMAL testosterone level.

And this was released by news from CID information on the potency tests and shown in the video to the right.


31 pages say Nithyananda has normal testosterone & thus physical features

The report goes on to say:

Controversial self-styled godman Swami Nithyananda is potent, proves the medical reports submitted by Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The report stated that Nithyananda has all the physical features of a man, and the growth of his organs are as per his age.

Even if one were to use a modicum of critical thinking they would realise that his claims must be hogwash due to some simple factors eg:

  • His voice – clearly that of an adult, not a 6yo boy
  • His facial hair – Nithyananda has a beard some men would be proud of, not possible for a 6yo boys testosterone level

Also this is another article from that report in 2014

The Criminal Investigation Department on Wednesday submitted the medical report of self-styled godman Nithyananda (37) to the Ramanagaram district court. The 31-page report says that Nithyananda is potent, has all the physical features of a man, and the growth of his organs are as per his age.

A team of doctors from Victoria Hospital had conducted a series of tests on him on September 8. Meanwhile, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetham said doctors had nowhere stated in the report that Nithyananda is capable of performing a sexual act.

In the aforementioned article, Nithyananda and his propaganda goons are playing with semantics. He massively resisted being tested and it required a supreme court order to initiate the testing. Reports state that he, even then, kept trying to go into meditative states through yogic exercises and chants in an attempt to stop the tests working.

Despite Nithyananda, repeatedly claiming he cannot obtain an erection as his testosterone is as a boy (6yo or 8yo.. Ive heard both),  the CID report from the most credible authorities, clearly states that were the low testosterone levels true, then his body and voice and organs would be noticeably very different. But instead his body has developed in a way impossible without such normal testosterone levels and inconceivable with the testosterone levels of a 6yo boy.