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Sangha Devotees Don’t See a Problem with Nithyananda Having Sex

Putting the allegations of rape by Nithyananda aside for the moment and just considering the possibility that any and all sex he had with sangha members was consensual, wouldn’t that be ok?

I have heard the argument from sangha members if Nithyananda wanted to have sex then he could, it’s not against the Vedas.

Devotees have posted comments such as the one below by Sridevi of Bangalore on Sat June-23-2012 6:56 AM

Nithyananda is avatar of Krishna. Krishna slept with many gopikas. Similarly Nithyananda should be allowed to sleep with any one he wants. Human laws are not applicable to Nithyananda because he is the creator and ultimate God.

Yes, previous incarnations have had relations according to Hindu texts. So surely it would be OK for Nithyananda to have sex if he wanted to. What’s the big deal?

This response is typical from one of his Western devotees with no understanding of India or the Vedas or Upanishads. And even from Indian devotees that likewise do not appreciate the import of what they are saying.

For a Nithyananda devotee to believe this really shows their lack of understanding of what “sannyasis” actually means.

Nithyananda wanted to say he has consensual sex on air?

There is reportedly an unaired TV interview with Nithyananda whereby he admitted to having sex. Nithyananda wanted this aired, not surprisingly as he has followed (and plagiarized) Osho’s teachings for years. However, key people in his organization put a stop to it airing.