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Aarthi Rao Video NDTV-HINDU KELVIKENNA PATHIL-Aarthi Rao In this frank interview Aarthi Rao gives a summary of the truth in regards to Nithyananda, the sex tapes and answers such questions as why she was able to be fooled into having sex with Nithyananda explaining a little of how cults work and how the environment for her at the Bidadi Dynapeetham was certainly conducive to cult mind control.

English Translation Transcript of Aarthi Rao Statement on NDTV Hindu

“Nithyananda has leveled various allegations against me. When I hear them, I am both amused and pained. I have responded to each of his allegations about three months back.

Nithyananda charges Aarthi in US with stealing trade secret Yoga

He has leveled a charge against me in an American court that I have stolen his trade secret Yoga. To this day, the case is still pending a decision. This is the first point to note.

Nithyananda made legal cases AFTER Aarthi had filed the chargesheet against him

The second and the important point to note is that after I came out as a victim and filed a charge sheet against Nithyananda, his organization tried to implicate me in this false case. They claim that the Yoga he teaches is his trade secret and that I have stolen his trade secret and made money from it. They want me to pay fifty-five crores in damage. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Is Yoga Nithyananda’s trade secret? Did it come from Patanajali or from Nithyananda? Nithyananda himself states in his programs and discourses that his teachings are based on openly available resources. They are also published on his web site and in his books.

Aarthi fights back but it costs her everything financially

When I got summons from the court in relation to this false case, I hired a lawyer and began to fight the case in California. I have spent all my resources on this cause. Having quit my well-paying job, where I made a salary of 30 lakhs, I spent the last five years volunteering at Nithyananda’s ashram. I don’t have any more money. I spent fifteen lakhs, which was my entire savings, on this case. When that turned out to be insufficient, I had to borrow money and in the past six months, I have spent thirty-five lakhs to fight this legal battle. I am unable to spend any more at this stage, I am bankrupt. I don’t know how to continue my fight further.

Nithyananda Even Made False Charges Against Aarthi’s Husband

Nithyananda did not just destroy me financially. Several false cases have been leveled against even my husband, who has absolutely no connection either with Nithyananda or his organization, with the sole aim of harassing me. As a result, he has lost his job and my marriage has been completely destroyed. In spite of such harassment, I am not worried as I know I am fighting for truth.

Nithyananda Wages a Media Trial Against Aarthi Using False Information

Nithyananda has made various FALSE claims about me:

  • that I am characterless,
  • I have had physical relations with numerous men,
  • I have a dangerous disease etc.

His allegations against me are ugly and disgusting. The ONLY person who has abused me is Nithyananda. I have not had a relationship with anyone else [Ed: Outside Aarthis marriage with anyone but Nithyananda].

False Claims Aarthi has STDs

It is complete nonsense that I have dangerous diseases. That I went to his Ashram for healing is complete bullshit. As I am a woman, he thinks he can embarrass and silence me through such dirty allegations.

Nithyananda Harasses Witnesses Against Him Forcing them to Silence

People are now aware of many things about Nithyananda. But there are still many things about him that the public is unaware of. There are so many things behind the screen, we have just hit the tip of the iceberg. For example, every witness who has appeared against Nithyananda has been harassed through the leveling of false cases. It has got to such a stage that several victims are now scared to come out and talk about their plight.

Aarthi’s Spiritual Brahmin Background

Since childhood, I was deeply spiritual and interested in social service. I am from a traditional Hindu Brahmin family. I grew up with deep reverence for Gurus and saints such as Raghavendra and Ramana.


I bought into the idea propagated by his followers that he was an enlightened Jnani. I also was made to believe that his organization was serving the society in many ways. My parents and I were initially impressed with his simplicity. With passing time, his simplicity began to disappear. But by then we were too deeply involved in his organization to take notice. A deep faith in him was cultivated is us through his programs, videos, books and the people around him. The ambience and atmosphere is his Ashram is such that everyone firmly believes him to be the God. Not just my family and me, but several other well-educated and intelligent people in his ashram were brainwashed to believe the same. I also fell into the same trap of believing him to be a great saint.


I was pregnant in 2005 and I visited his Ashram to seek his blessings for a spiritual child. He asked me to abort my child. It was very shocking, but gave me various pseudo-spiritual reasons and told me to follow his instructions if I had faith in him as my Guru. Though it was a difficult decision, having accepted him as my Guru completely, I aborted my unborn child. I was made to believe that he had no selfish motive and it was all for my own good.


There have been several such incidents including the one where I was abused. All this shook my faith but I was by then brainwashed to such an extent and my faith in him was so deep that I had completely abandoned independent thinking and accepted everything he said or did. I realized all this much later, also that I was not the only such victim. In today’s age, everyone is facing stress, tension and other problems and they are trying to find solution to their problems in Yoga and meditation. When such people enter his Ashram, they are convinced by his associates that Jivanmukti (liberation while in physical body) is the sole purpose of life and that is the solution to all problems. A strong idea is created that Jivanmukti brings wealth, health etc.


Once they believe this, the next stage involves convincing people that everything is worth sacrificing for the sake of Jivanmukti including one’s character, except total allegiance and surrender to Nithyananda. You can find all these messages in his Youtube discourses. Such deep faith is created that one abandons rationale and stops questioning. One is continuously made to engage, physically and emotionally, in activities that deepen this blind faith.


I was involved in his Ashram for five to six years and during that period, I had totally forgotten about my parents and my family. Cult studies indicate how people are mentally dominated by such conditioning. They create a strong faith and then involve us 24X7 in their ideology. I spent all my time reading his books, listening to his discourses, listening to songs about him etc. Every single second of free time was required to be spent in reciting his mantra – Om hreem nithyanandaya namah.


A normal person cannot function without proper sleep. In his Ashram, one cannot even sleep for more than four hours – there is so much of work, people are kept mentally and physically engaged to the maximum possible extent. Cult studies indicate that sleep deprivation is a frequent tool employed by cults to manipulate and dominate. By employing many such tactics, Nithyananda manipulates trust, makes one drop logical thinking and do anything he wants.


It is true that I placed the camera which recorded the scandalous video of Nithyananda with actress Ranjitha. I have also said the same in my detailed statement to the police.

sex video of nithyananda is genuinely authentic (not morphed)

Three sources have validated that the video is authentic and not morphed.

  • The first confirmation is from the tests performed by the forensic lab.
  • The second is a forensic report from a lab in the United States which also confirms that the video is authentic.
  • The third confirmation is from Dr. Chandrashekhar, a renowned forensic expert who is also a Padmabhushan awardee and has nearly thirty years of experience in forensics. He also states that there is no trace of any morphing or editing in this video.

false retaliatory cases of defamation over whistleblower’s sex video

So, there is enough evidence to prove that the video is not morphed, but several false cases have been filed against me claiming that the video is morphed. I have been granted anticipatory bail in those cases. The judge who heard my bail plea clearly states that there is no prima facie evidence against me and that all the allegations are hearsay. “The video has been morphed, this is all a big conspiracy against Nithyananda, all this was done for the sake of money, there is a big group behind all this” – such allegations made by Nithyananda are all untrue.

a lone woman against lying unscrupulous multi million dollar organization

I am a lone woman! I am fighting the battle today with no one to support me financially or otherwise. I have the backing of no organization. Money has never been my motive. If money was my motive, why would I quit my well-paying job and serve in Nithyananda mission for five years? If I had to make money out of all this, I could have easily filed a lawsuit in US and asked for damages. Several lawyers told me to file a lawsuit against him and claim at least a million dollars for the abuse I underwent. But I refused, what will I do with that money? Will my life which is now destroyed be restored?

why did Aarthi secretly record nithyananda having sex?

So all such claims of conspiracy by Nithyananda are simply his attempts to divert attention from his sinful acts. I placed the camera in his bedroom and recorded his video, not with the intention of defaming him or publicizing it. I just wanted to know the truth for my own sake. I wanted to know if I was being abused, if I was being manipulated. When I saw the video, it shook me.

why seeing the video shook Aarthi to the core

He had me convinced that he was Shiva and I was Parvathi and what was happening to me was extremely special and rarely possible for others. He had created a belief in me that I was special but he completely violated my trust. I was completely shattered when I realized that it was all a cheap trick and that I had been abused. I was totally devastated. In that state of shock, I just left the videos and returned to US. I went into depression for several months. I could neither bear the pain nor discuss it with anyone. I even contemplated suicide. For a girl from a respectable family, this is unbearable shame. I could not even imagine divulging all this.

After months aarthi with family support finally spoke up – aug 2010

But I decided to speak because of the support from my husband and my family and I decided not to allow another victim like me undergo similar abuse from Nithyananda. So, in Aug 2010, I lodged a complaint with Karnataka CID. The only goal I had was to bring the truth out in public. I don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake I made. I don’t want anyone else to be cheated and manipulated like me. Nithyananda faces charges of abusing not one person, but several people.

“only rape without a victim” – more nithyananda lies… and more than one

There is me, Aarthi Rao, there is Vinay Bharadwaj and there is Gopika, three victims have been already named. Nithyananda claims that he is impotent and that he is incapable of sexual act.

nithyananda claiming impotency & avoiding medical and voice tests

Then why is he not ready to subject himself to medical tests to prove his impotency? [Ed: Eventually, after Nithyananda had delayed these for years, in late 2014 the Supreme Court had ordered these tests – See – Finally a new case was able to be made against Nithyananda as the medical tests showed “nothing to suggest any signs of impotence”.] Not just medical tests, but he has also been avoiding voice tests. He has begged and pleaded with Lenin not to disclose the scandalous video. He has tried to negotiate Lenin’s silence. [Ed: See Smoking Gun – Nithyananda’s Audio Confession? ] He is refusing to undergo voice tests which will further prove the authenticity of the video. If it is not his voice in the video, why is he scared of undergoing a voice test? If he is impotent, why is he scared of undergoing a medical test? In fact, as an accused, it is in his own interest to undergo a speedy trial and prove his innocence. Eight summons have gone to him for medical tests but he has avoided all of them. Lenin Karuppan was like a brother to me. He was a Brahmachari (celibate) in the ashram and was a dedicated volunteer. In my view, I am not the only one victim; everyone who has served in his ashram or volunteered as his victims. Not just people like me who have undergone sexual abuse from him are victims. Those who sacrificed everything and served in ashram are all victims. Some people have lost money, some have lost their lives, some have lost their family, and some like me have lost even beyond all that. Nithyananda’s so-called devotees have filed a case against me in Varanasi. According to that ridiculous complaint, on March 2 2011, I distributed the video and defamed Nithyananda along with Lenin in Varanasi. But on that date, I was not even present in India. My passport, which is currently with CID, clearly proves this fact. I have not even gone to Varanasi in the last five years. Numerous such false cases have been filed against me, Lenin and every witness who has testified against Nithyananda. We have been harassed in an attempt to silence the truth. He also claims that police in several states are looking for me and that I am avoiding summons. As far as I know, I was served one summon in US and I have defended myself in every possible way. Recently, about two months back, I got summons from the Ramanagaram court. Apart from this, I have neither been served any summon nor have I been avoiding any. It is a joke that Nithyananda of the all the people talks about me avoiding summons. Everyone knows how he reacted when he was summoned by the court in June. A top psychiatrist from the US has donated all his savings, about 2 crores, to Nithyananda’s ashram. In the second charge sheet filed against Nithyananda, he has testified how he was manipulated into donating all his money. Another victim who spoke against Nithyananda, Vinay Bharadwaj, was framed in a false child molestation and sent to prison in the US. He was really the first whistle blower in Nithyananda’s scandal. His name is present even in the FIR filed by Lenin. He even emailed Karnataka CID describing how Nithyananda abused him. Vinay was a very nice person from Mysore and an alumni of IIT Bombay who worked for Microsoft. He left everything he had, became a Brahmachari and served as the head of Nithyananda mission in Seattle. He sacrificed his entire life to serve Nithyananda and his mission. He even left his parents to serve Nithyananda, but today, those very same parents are helping him during testing times. Nithyananda’s devotees have framed him in a false child molestation case. His parents are continuously shedding tears and grieving for their son whose life has been completely destroyed. The priest of the Seattle temple where he served framed him in a false case and now he has been convicted. No one knows all this background, but Nithyananda has publicized Vinay’s conviction on his website and on youtube. Anybody who dares speak against Nithyananda will immediately face molestation cases. Like Vinay, two molestation cases have also been filed against Lenin. An attempt to rape case was also filed against him but the judge in Ramanagaram refused to take cognizance of it. The police investigated the case but what is interesting is that the father of the girl who lodged the complaint has given a statement that his daughter is lying. And now, they have leveled child molestation charges against me as well! On June 7, a press meet was held in Nithyananda’s ashram. A news reporter from Suvarna TV asked Nithyananda several uncomfortable questions. After that, a woman resident of the ashram has lodged a molestation complaint against even that reporter! It has become Nithyananda’s trademark to implicate anyone who speaks against him in rape and molestation cases. Is Nithyananda’s ashram safe for women and children? If inmates of his ashram are molestors, rapists and blackmailers, how is it safe for women and children? Those speaking against him today are all long time volunteers, organizers and donors. Now that he is making allegations against all such people, what then was the security in his ashram? If his allegations are all true, then why did he let all this happen under him, in his ashram, where everything is controlled and managed by him? Gopika, Nithyananda’s associate, has disappeared. After the scandal made headlines, she literally disappeared. Her name is also listed in the FIR as a victim. She was Nithyananda’s close personal secretary for four years. But today, no one knows of her whereabouts and whether she is even alive. She seems to have been completely silenced. Gopika was my very close friend. I know that I will probably be silenced like her, but I am not scared. I may lose my life, but I have already lost much more. What more have I left to lose? I have lost my family, I have lost my marriage, I don’t have any money, I am in the street today, there is nobody to help me, I have lost my dignity. I am not worried about losing my life, but I am only worried that the truth will not come out. Today I am speaking out through the media only because of the possibility that I may be silenced even before the trial. In the US, there has been a judgement against Nithyananda Foundation on charges of fraud. The court has ruled that not only is Nithyananda Foundation guilty of fraud, but Nithyananda’s right-hand man Mr. Gopal Reddy Sheelam is also guilty of fraud. Popatlal Savla, a big donor donated 1.5 million dollars to Nithyananda Foundation for the construction of a Vedic University. After the scandal broke out, Popatlal Savla states in his complaint that Nithyananda admitted before him of having abused several women. According to Savla, Nithyananda also admitted that he had no intention of spending the money he got from Savla for the construction of a Vedic University. Now Nithyananda has given a statement that he has no association with his own Foundation! There is enough documentary evidence which shows that he is not only the founder but also its president. Even the tax returns filed list him as the president of Nithyananda Foundation. Nithyananda manipulated me and made me abandon my identity and values and brainwashed me into believing that I was supposed to do what the Guru said. Be it any Guru, please examine carefully and never abandon independent thinking.”