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Does foreign expert Primeau's report "exonerate" nithyananda?

No. Only a completely dishonest or ignorant interpretation of his analysis and testimony would lead one to conclude so, as the ashram does every time it is brought up. And this is apart from the major flaws we and others have seen in his report. Here’s a more honest analysis:

The infamous tantric sex contract

It is almost admirable how nithyananda’s PR team has convinced the world that a thing does not exist when it concretely does in both digital and print form, with multiple sources. It is neither fake nor misrepresented. Find it here, and feel free to analyze it on your own. There really isn’t much breathing room for interpretation.

The Smoking Gun? An Audio confession

It looks like Nithyananda all-but-confessed to being sexually active (in full violation of his sannyasi status), on a “leaked” phone conversation with his once-close companion Lenin:

Faking Powers?

The pramana and metaphysics of “shaktis” vs “siddhis” does not matter a whit if the powers in question are faked.  Evidence, reason, intution and common sense all conclude the same thing: the powers shown at the ashram seem fake, and seem unbelievably amatuer in their execution. See the video yourself:

SUN TV Saxena's "Confession" about "Morphing"

Why should we speak to refute this, when the ashram’s own news page can do it for us, gleefully imagining they have presented clinching evidence when instead they’ve done the opposite?

The only video you might ever need to watch about cults

This old video has helped wake up a lot of people to what is being done to them by a cult. In just 12 minutes, it will equip you for life with the ability to notice all the red flags to tell apart a cult from a healthy religion, ideology or movement. So if you’re part of any movement, not just Nithyananda, you should watch this video.

Putting together the pieces

What if each of us is seeing different portions of the truth, but we’re all pawns in the games of those with the power to confuse us and keep us divided? Instead of fighting each other, what if we pooled together our information?

The Four Forensic Experts

The most potent lies are created by using a few generous dashes of truth. Here we show you who really created the “Maya Matrix” that you currently live in, and how he did it using four experts who didn’t say what you think they said.

Nithyananda's Critics: Read This First

Standing against something, and the way one does it, is as important to dharma as standing for something. If you are a critic of Nithyananda, whether Hindu or otherwise, please read this post. We feel it is important and worth your time. It’s about understanding devotees of gurus like Nithyananda and other socalled spiritual organisations that fit the criteria to be called a cult. It is necessary to understand why we are not against most of the devotees of Nithyananda and that we believe they are victims.

Fake Insights

An excellent article we found on another blog that talks about fake insights, how common they are, and how to identify them so that they don’t stall your growth in any field– whether academic, career, relationships, or spiritual.

Read it here : “Fake Insights” by

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